Why DigitalOcean Floating IP is fake?

DigitalOcean has recently introduced a high availability solution called floating IP -

In my own review is think its one of the most LAME solutions DO has introduced -

Background : Basically they allow you to assign a public IPv4 IP to be a floating IP -

Then assign that floating IP to a droplet within DC.

Why I think the whole thing is BS - for those reasons:

There is no real high-availability they expect you to go MANUALLY and change the assigned droplet in case of failure.

There is no technology behind it - They assign a private /16 range with just a simple 1:1 NAT to whichever private IP got assigned to each droplet.

In case of failure - nothing will help expect if you have :

active monitoring to your resources.
Mechanism to login to your account to make the assignment change or use the API to change it. (you are down until you do that)
There is nothing automated whatsoever.
This technology has been introduced last year by VPSie within their private cloud solution (PCS) while vpsie has port-forward, dedicated firewall, 1:1 NAT, Selective inbound / outbound control etc..

HA - Failover solution within the same datacenter is now outdated they should come up with something better.

Assigning secondary private range in each droplet is overhead that they should publicly list so clients are aware of that change.

The real reason behind this solution is to:

Gain marketing propaganda.
Have client spin up droplets that are idle and pay for.
Collect money for nothing. $5/month per IP.
Compete virtually with Elastic IP by AWS.
The whole concept behind it is to fool clients to add resources that will stay idle so they can profit.

If DO have a problem in the datacenter their droplets and floating IPs are in the sink.

All of the above.